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Heaven4Toes™ was born out of necessity. Proprietor Souhayla Denha had suffered painful discomfort while wearing her favorite shoes. The abrasive friction between the shoe and skin had irritated her toes, causing malformations in her toes. After many visits to the podiatrist, she could not find relief. She had tried to find a cushioned product to provide the comfort she needed for her feet, but none existed on the market. Through laser surgery, the excessive rubbing ultimately resulted in the removal of her toe nail.

Determined to never experience that pain again, she began to search for comfortable padding and fabric. She discovered a soft, polyurethane fabric which she inserted inside of her shoe. Thus Heaven4Toes™ was born!

Souhayla Denha had created the relief she was looking for. She could now wear her favorite shoes without discomfort or irritating the skin. With Heaven4Toes™,she desires to help countless men and women prevent painful skin conditions, and wear their favorite shoes in heavenly comfort.

“Heaven4Toes helped me regain my comfort without causing problems to my toes.” ~ Souhayla Denha

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